Thursday, April 21, 2011

Splitting My Twitterfeeds: @Morphing's Got a New Friend - @Morphwithus

I making some changes in my twitterverse. Bifurcating my feed.

@morphwithus is the new face, but I hope it will be familiar to many. Here, I follow and comment on
  • 21st Century Literacies, 
  • repurposing learning, 
  • the media seachange, 
  • technology for learning, 
  • nonprofits and technology, and perhaps most importantly, 
  • repurposing "fundraising" (which, despite these desperate times, has become an "ugly word").
Both feeds will place a an emphasis on my primary interests: zero divide (technology access for all), and general concerns about accessibility and diversity. 

@morphing now follows and comments primarily on dance, movement, and what I call "essential art". It's a little more chatty, and where I follow my personal interest in many forms of art.

I hope you'll stick with me through the transition. It should be a bit more productive for all of us!


Susan Davis Cushing